Senyumlah wahai cek mek molek | Bibir by Syed Faizal Beauty

So this came in the mail today! Woots! I’m a lipstick girl i.e. I normally don’t wear any make-up except for lipstick when I’m out, with the exception of the occasional kenduri or corporate do MrNordin asks me to accompany him to. For those exceptions, I have to wear proper make-up otherwise I will be mistaken as MrNordin’s domestic helper instead of the wife pulak *gelak guling guling*


I first saw these gems on the lips of my gorgeous cuzzy, the always bubbly Sherly Aziz (she’s one of the most wanted wedding and events organizer in KL – check out her awesome blog). She was wearing the color Cherrilee. When I asked her about the brand, she started raving about it :

“Babe lip color ni best gilerrrrrrrr tak drying langsung and color stays on like foreverrrrrrr it’s by Syed Faizal Beauty called Bibir hehhhhh you tak pernah dengar ke? you have to tryyyyyy”

In case you’re wondering if I was possessed while typing the above – nopes, I wasn’t and that’s the way (and speed) that my cuzzy and I speak to each other. We ain’t got no time for punctuations.

So I went to Syed Faizal Beauty’s instagram page and found that there are 2 ways to get my hands on these lippies :

  • Get them on Fashion Valet However, only 2 colors were available when I went to the site and neither of them was Cherrilee.
  • Whatssap this number +60102310631

I Whatssap-ed at about 9ishpm so I was not expecting a reply (I follow the office hours rule when dealing with any type of business). The next day at 11.30am I received a reply : Cherrilee is sold out 😦 It’s from a previously launched collection called The Matte Lip Colour and now they’ve launched The Velvet Lip Colour which is said to be reformulated to be even more moisturizing on the lips.

I asked which color was closest to Cherrilee and the reply was Crush. Was planning on getting just one but the person on the other line helpfully said that they were having a buy 3 for RM100 promo + free shipping. SOLD. So I chose Honey & Heart.

I love it that it came in this sealed clear plastic thingy coz it protects the products. The poslaju envelope was also the bubble wrap kind – love them for this!



And here they are! Top to bottom : Heart, Honey, Crush.


Ease of purchase : 8/10 (they currently do not have an online store)

Service : 9/10 (very friendly Whatssaper)

Packaging : 9/10

Can’t wait to try these! Gotta get ready now for lunch with my lovely ladies so I’ll give a review once I’m done. Ta-ta for now!

I got 99 lipsticks…and I need ONE more. Please?




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