My Merdeka Pledge

Last night was definitely a night to remember. The photos on my camera will bring a smile on my face for a long time to come. We were blessed to receive last minute tickets to the closing ceremony of the 29th SEA Games and let me tell you – it was AMAZING.

The view from our seats. The sound system & LED displays were world class!

We were razzled and dazzled by the athletes’ parade, dance performances and LED displays but the icing on the cake was the concert. Malaysia’s brightest stars were out last night and they made the stadium roar with applause and singing. It was like listening to the soundtrack of my life. Ella, Amy Search, Man Bai, Dayang Nurfaizah, Sheila Majid, Jaclyn Victor, Faizal Tahir and – the ones who brought me to my feet – Joe Flizzow & David Arumugam, all sang their hearts out, giving stunning bring-the-house-down performances. And the pace of the concert was so quick, you couldn’t take a breather. The hits just kept coming and you just had to ride the wave of happiness and nostalgia that comes with it.

I thought to myself, “I got to hear David Arumugam, Joe Flizzow & Amy Search perform LIVE and in ONE NIGHT. I can die happy now.” Wish they brought on KRU & Siti Nurhaliza too, they’re legit icons of the Malaysian music industry. But nevertheless, it was an all star line up.

But what struck me the most was this :

To hear the whole stadium, regardless of race and creed, sing along to Belaian Jiwa and sway to Seiring Sejalan was EPIC. Around me were Malaysians from all walks of life, young and old and even the very young were singing along and enjoying the music.

And that’s where our strength lies. Our unity. Our faith that we will be there for each other through dark times and good times. To be able to look at the stranger sitting next to you and smile while singing along to the same song, our eyes glazed over with reminiscence. To the abang who sat next to me while I was layaning with full feeeeeels to Fantasia Bulan Madu, sorry lah brader that you had to see that lol.

It’s obvious – we all have love for this country. This country with its beautiful people, wondrous lands, unique customs and glorious food will forever bind us, regardless of what’s going on in the political arena. The love is so blatant, so obvious, it can’t be denied.

Aku bukanlah seorang perwira | Gagah menjunjung senjata | Namun hati rela berjuang |Walau dengan cara sendiri | Demi cinta ini

This is my cara sendiri. Although it’s true that our children are the future, but I believe that WE the adults are the ones who have the power to shape what kind of future they are going to have. If we want a better future for them, it is US who has to make the necessary changes and the needed steps to lay the tracks of progress and development in the right place. To plant the seeds of integrity, transparancy and accountability. And the time is NOW. Re : Urgent. 

She kept shouting “Merdeka” and “Milo” to the athletes. Our parenting skills are 100% for sure

Akulah penyambung warisan.

So here’s my Merdeka Pledge. For a better Malaysia, I hereby pledge to :

Not be let by blind loyalty, but to be part of the change I want to see

Call out injustice whenever I see or hear it

Not be silent but speak my mind guided by evidence and weighed against logic and rationality

Lead by example and continue to live true to the spirit of 1 Malaysia, fighting racial discrimination and bias

Rise together, Malaysia. For the love of our country, tanah tumpah darahku.

Happy 60th Birthday. 


Dan bahawasanya saya

menjunjung tradisi

dan mempertahankan

ketuanan Nasik Lemak

sebagai makanan yang asal usulnya

daripada Tanah Malaysia

tidak boleh diperakui negara lain

lebih rela tumpah darahku

daripada Nasik Lemak jatuh

ke tangan negara lain 

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