My whole family takes the Light Rail Transit train, or LRT as it’s known to locals, on an almost daily basis. MrNordin takes it to work while I take it to send the kids to and from school.

Pada suatu hari, di dalam keretapi… 


G1 : Memi, look! Look at the signboard.

Me : Yes, I see it. What do you think it means?

G1 : It means <pointing from left to right>  :

No food

No throwing rubbish

No pets (impressive, I thought she would say no dogs)

No elephants

No fire

Me : That’s great….wait, what? What’s this one again? <points to the icon after no pets>

G1 : No elephants lah, Memi! Can’t you see it’s an elephant?

Me : Yes, my child. You are absolutely right. No elephants allowed on the train.

Yups, my parenting skills are 100% for sure.

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