Part 2 : The Westin Langkawi – Paradise found and completely burned down by the management’s can’t care less attitude

Hello! It has finally rained here in KL and the heat is dissapating. But it’s still quite fiery here on my end. The saga with The Westin Langkawi continues. Maybe it’ll stretch into a trilogy? Let’s find out…

If you haven’t read Part 1, please do so here. 

Many of you have seen my posting on Facebook yesterday with regards to my Whatssap conversation with the Head of Security of the Westin Langkawi. For those who haven’t here’s a recap and an update. After 2 weeks of complete silence from the hotel, I felt that it was time for us to receive some news with regards to the investigation. We were promised multiple times by multiple people that regular updates will be given to us. It seems that the moment we left the hotel, we no longer mattered to them. Here’s an unedited snapshot of yesterday’s conversation that made the crouching tiger and hidden dragon in me appear in all its glory.



[Sorry, the photos are a bit huru hara – I’m really bad at formatting.]

Phew. I was expecting something but I certainly wasn’t expecting this.

From where I’m standing, the hotel is washing their hands completely from this case, instead saying that this is now a “police matter” and the Westin has nothing to do with it anymore. And Mr Manivanan wasn’t being particularly helpful either.

I see my dad every other day, or I try to. And every time I’ve seem him for the past two weeks, he’s asked me if we’ve heard anything back from The Westin. And I will reply, “No, not yet. We must be patient.” Over the weekend, we met for lunch and he said to me, “In the end, they will protect their own.” I am now sure that my dad is right.

I tagged both Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc and Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) in my Facebook post yesterday and we’ve gotten a reply from SPG. They have asked us permission to take all my postings and comments and open what they call a “Corporate Customer File”. We were contacted by someone with the designation “Specialist, Social Media, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, LLC”. We now have reference file number and this statement (I quote verbatim) “we have requested that our corporate team in conjunction with the resort team look into this matter internally for further review”. The promise is that they will get back to us in 3-5 days.

We are giving them a full week. If the response is similar to The Westin Langkawi’s don’t care attitude, we will be seeking a legal avenue. A few of you from the legal background have kindly advised me that a legal letter is in order if the reply is nothing short of satisfactory for us. For this, we thank you.

Other questions I have received :

  • Has the GM spoken to you or sent an apology email? – No.
  • Has the hotel contacted you to speak about compensation? – Ahahahahaha! No. They can’t even be bothered to update me on the case what else offer us compensation
  • Was the beach nice? -Not really. There are better beaches in Langkawi. During low tide, the beach ain’t pretty.
  • You praised the staff. Were you just being sarcastic? – Let me be clear : No. All the staff that we interacted with, whether it be at the lobby or poolside, were all nice and friendly and had smiles all the time. And this can be read in other reviews as well. They handled the initial investigation (while we were still there at the hotel) with 100% courtesy, seriousness and promptness. I will not discount this. That is why it is really frustrating to me that we are treated so badly post-check out.

I will be posting further updates once we’ve gotten a response from SPG. Thanks to everyone who has called, texted me and connected with me via various channels over this case.

Some have even shared with me similar security breaches that happened at other hotels as well as at the Westin Langkawi itself. The Westin’s response to these other security breaches were the same – APATHETIC. I urge everyone who have had similar experiences to report such matters to the management immediately and not sweep it under the carpet because (a) the amount stolen was small, (b) it just isn’t worth the hassle to be dealing with people who don’t care to do their jobs properly, or (c) that no one was hurt or injured. This will cause the thefts and security breaches to happen again and again in a systematic manner as the culprits think that they can get away with it while security stays lax as everything seems ok.

I take no pleasure in writing about such an unpleasant experience but I do not want this to happen again to anyone. We must know what our rights are as guests and when a robbery such as this happens on the hotel’s premises, we must be ready to fight for our rights and not be mothballed.

Do drop comments. I’m curious to see if anyone else has been in our shoes and if a legal avenue is available to us.

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