We Rock The Spectrum Kid’s Gym – A playground for all kids!

The school holidays are upon us and I know most parents are cracking their heads to figure out activities to occupy the kiddos *tarik rambut* Today, my neighbor brought R and I to a play gym that she has been raving about – We Rock The Spectrum Gym (WRTSG) at Evolve Concept Mall.

The play gym is a franchise brought over from the USA and this is the first branch that is situated outside of America. Woooots!

A graphical representation of the proclamation WEEEEEEEEE!!!!

The gym focuses on kids with Autism which explains it’s name. Children with Autism are often diagnosed on a spectrum which varies based on symptoms and skills. All children share the love of play but not all play gyms cater to kids with specials needs.

That’s why WRTSG is so great! It has a little bit of everything for all kids. The lights are kept dim to ensure that kids who are sensitive to light could enjoy their playtime (note : my pictures are brightened for presentation purposes). The gym encourages sensory play and exploration. For free play, adult supervision is required but basically just plop yourself down somewhere where you can see your kids and enjoy the sight of your kids going nuts on the play equipments. Swings and climbers galore! But the highlight of the gym is what I call the “fly and drop”.



The kids go on top of the slide and hug the hanging wrecking-ball looking thingy. Once they let go it’s 10 seconds of pure fun! Here’s a demo of how it’s done.

Too bad it’s for kids only! I took a ride on it and in my excitement I did not see the signboard which states that it’s only for kids below 60kgs. I was gently reminded by the person in charge that I must be a kid to ride. Sorry! But that was one fun ride 🙂

One of the best things about this play gym is that they have a sizeable arts and crafts corner where the kids can get their creative juices flowing with paints, beads, stamps and oodles of crayons. This enables the kids to take a much needed breather after having fun at the play equipments.

All materials and toys on the shelves are free for use

If all the excitement gets a little bit too much, there is a Calming Room to help kids do exactly what it says on the room’s door. The lights in the Calming Room has a dimmer function which helps with winding down. I should install this room in my own home. #ineedtocalmdown #tigermom

Inside the Calming Room











The gym is also peppered with interactive toys such as a kitchenette, a puppet show station, a table with a train track & trains set up, a dress up corner with dozens of costumes and loads and loads of fun bouncy balls.

And did I mention the huge awesome trampoline? Yassssssssss!!! Mak suka!

I love that the tag line of this gym is “Finally a place where you never have to say I’m sorry”. I’m guilty of this. Kids are usually just kids and there is no malice in their actions. All kids here can be unapologetically kids. And these kids shine bright once they’re let loose to play.

Here’s the fee structure :

To me, the 12 visits package is totally worth it as it brings down the cost of entry to RM33.25 per child. And if you buy the package, you can bring not only your own kids but siblings, cousins or in my case, neighbors too! Multiple entry is allowed and you can be at the gym for as long as you want. No time limit!

There’s also a good sized party room where birthday parties can be held. Party packages start from RM699 and the gym can accommodate 15-20 kids.

Party Room

I am happy to report that they will be opening another branch of WRTSG at Melawati Mall sometime late Jan/early Feb of 2018. Melawatians, Ampangites & Wangsa Maju peeps – rejoice!

The staff here are all friendly and it was obvious by the way they interacted with the kids that they love children and are well trained to handle them. Some of the play equipment are rotated to keep things fresh for regular goers.

We’ll definitely be back! The gym definitely lives up to it’s motto of being a gym for all kids. Highly recommended by this momma. Mak bagi 5 bintang!

Address :

Evolve Concept Mall, Ara Damansara – 2nd floor

Contact : +60378598081


Entrance fee : RM48 per child with a RM7 discount for siblings. Packages of 5 or 12 sessions available. No socks required. 

Tip for Muslim parents : there is a Surau situated on the same floor at the opposite end of the mall from where the gym is. You’ll probably be there at the gym for awhile (we were there for 3 hours) so it’s easy to pop by the surau for prayers. Surau is clean and with ample space.

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